Oxo Biodegradable – Bio Wrap

- Certified by Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) & Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) under the compliance of UAE.S GSO 2231:2012

- A biodegradable product developed while considering the nature and environment,so it can be recycled after use.

- Eco friendly that does not cause any environmental pollution,therefore reducing the ecosystem toxicity, and carbon emissions while still maintaining the physical properties of a regular film.

START: 19/7/2016
Bury a portion of the oxidative biodegradable wrap in the soil to observe decomposition.

OBSERVATION # 1: 7/12/2016
The texture of the wrap is stiffens, and breaks without difficulty.

OBSERVATION # 2: 7/7/2017
It has no elongation, and feels like paper instead of cling film.

Main Features of Bio Wrap

  • Oxo Biodegradable Film reduces Ecosystem Toxicity, saves Petroleum Resources and reduces Carbon Emission
  • Oxidized Biodegradable Film is decomposed by micro-organism, temperature and moisture in the natural state after disposal
  • Uses only food grade raw material that is harmless to humans
  • Excellent in maintenance of freshness

Lasting Freshness - Magic Wrap

- Developed to extend the freshness of meat and dairy products longer than the regular Cling Film.

Freshness Test with Milk

10th day
only the edge is hardened

10th day
hardening surface swells up and odor occurs

Freshness Test with Poultry

4days in room temperature

Tight Seal – Mushroom Wrap

Developed to increase the shelf life of mushroom, vegetables and fruits by 3 days compared to regular films.

A Powerwrap’s Tight Seal (Mushroom Wrap)
B: Regular Film (Competitor’s)
C: Regular Film (Competitor’s)
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